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  1. No Surprise

From the recording KEEPIN IT REAL


It comes a no surprise, that the magic in your eyes.
was just beauty in disguise,
your full of alibies,
deceitfulness and lies,
it comes as no surprise,

What your doing to me baby,
know you're driving me crazy,
the way you keep me up all night long,
just a little freaky when you want to be,
can knock a brother down to his knees,
it feels so right it can't be wrong,
well how was I to know, which way our love would grow,
you make me happy when I'm sad,
it feels so good, even when it's bad

it comes as no surprise, that the tear drops in your eyes,
deceitful little lie's
it comes as no surprise,

I know you see me looking at you girl,
I want to take you and rock your world,
show you something that you've never seen before,
its a steal its a real good deal, you're gonna like the way I make you feel,
sitting on the edge of the bed every time I walk through the door,
well how was I to know, which way the wind would blow,
and all the memories that we had, feel so good even when it was bad,

it come as no surprise