Our Story 


  Hailing from the home state of the blues, Mississippi, in a day of electronic music, backing tracks and auto tune. The Chitlins take a back to the basics approach to their brand of music. The recipe? Do not add artificial ingredients. Start with a few pounds of raw, bluesy guitar riffs and a tight rhythm section. Then add in a pinch of edgy lead guitar solos. Throw in a generous portion of genuine killer vocals, catchy lyrics and add smooth harmonies to taste. Keep it rather simple. Make it easy, fun to play and fun to hear. Then serve it up piping hot! We call it, southern fried rock and blues.  “Come get you some”, as we say down here in the south. 

  The Chilins are fronted by the powerful yet soulful, vocal talent of Scott Henry. A seasoned stage veteran born in blues country and bred from the dirt. Scott’s unique vocal ability is matched only by his song writing and farm boy, biker, southern gentleman personality . His voice and presence attract immediate attention. 
  Next is guitarist extraordinaire Bucky Cole. Son of legendary guitarist and rockabilly music hall of famer , Lee Cole. Lets just say the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. As you can imagine Bucky started young and has spent many years shredding guitars in venues from Nashville to Nantucket. 
  On bass is Jay Patricks. Having worn many hats in the music biz as bass player, lead singer, studio producer, FOH engineer and tour manager Jay helps bring the vision of The Chitlins to fruition. 
  The Backbone of the band on the drums is David Whitehead. No stranger to the stage,David’s years playing bring a certain groove to the Chitlins style.

All members of The Chitlins reside, record and rehearse in beautiful Gulfport Mississippi. 
Hope you enjoy our music at least half as much as we enjoy making it. Thank you, hope to see you soon.

The Chitlins....Past and Future 

  First off, if you are reading this blog ....Thank you for being here. Your support means the world to us. 
For those that have recently inquired about the band .....in a nutshell, here is our brief history and plans for the near future.....
 As you probably know since you are here, Stump Whoopt Chitlins released our first ep, SADISFIED in Oct 2014. Sales of our music and interest in the band exceeded our expectations ( which weren't very high. ) We expected a few friends to pick it up and listen and hopefully get on some local radio shows. To our surprise we sold and have had music played in 6 different countries so far. So....we rehearsed our songs and continued writing until we were ready to embark on a small regional tour to get our music out to the masses. We played our first show in Dec 2014 very close to our home town, in Biloxi MS. with Cedric Burnside project. The show was incredible ,We are ready to do this, hitting the road in 2015.
  Then in the blink of an eye tragedy struck when lead singer, Scott Henry's 11 year old son Spencer, was killed in an auto accident. We were devastated for our brother and his family. What a heavy load to bear. With boggled minds and broken hearts the time now was for family and grieving. It seemed all bets were off for Stump Whoopt Chitlins before the hand was dealt.   
  Recovery from such a tragedy is a very long journey and takes a strenuous toll on all involved. And though the pain subsides you never truly, fully recover. But with time depressing thoughts can start to turn into fond memories.
  Music is much like therapy to many of us that have it flowing constantly through our soul and our minds. And after months of confusion, depression, grieving and brotherhood we found ourselves slowly getting back in the studio. After several frustrating attempts to get our heads back in the game with limited success, a new song began to re ignite the fire and the bottled up music started pouring out.
  To make a long story shorter, we had  change to our line up with our new guitarist,  Bucky Cole, shortened the name of the band to THE CHITLINS and we are nearing completion of a new, full length album entitled "Keepin It Real" to be released summer 2016. We will be releasing our first new single "Down On Me" within the next few weeks. Then more singles will follow. We are setting up a non-profit foundation in Spencers name to help provide books, music and art supplies to needy children as these were some of his favorite activities. And of course the album will be dedicated to the memory of Spencer Henry and we are planning a memorial concert once all things are in place.
  We are also rehearsing and gearing up to book some shows in the near future. We are very excited to be excited again. And we feel our new release will be on an entire different level than the first.
Please join our mailing list here on the site for future blog updates AND If you would like to see Stump Whoopt Chitlins live in your area, shoot us a line. We will be road ready again VERY SOON!!! THANKS!!! We Love ya !!!
The Chitlins

Keepin It Real.....set for release July 30, 2016 

So we are finally finished with recording the album and are finishing up the artwork. Feels great. We appreciate everyone that has inquired. After writing close to 20 songs we have settled on only 8 for the album. We have named the record KEEPIN IT REAL. Because that's what we do. What you hear is what you get. If we can't do it on stage we do not do it in the studio. Raw by design. That's the way a little ole southern fried blues band from Mississippi is suppose to do it. It will be available here, on iTunes, amazon, cdbaby ect....July 30th 2016.

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