Help support the chitins

CHITLINS FANS!!! We could really use your support in releasing and promoting our upcoming new album. (working title "20 F'n 20".) Not sure we will stick with that but it sure is appropriate.

We are not much about asking for help. Under normal circumstances we would never "ask for a dime". But we are finding it extremely difficult to fund this effort with no source of revenue from live shows due to the COVID-19 crisis.  We realize this pandemic is effecting almost everyone financially in one way or another and only ask you to donate or purchase merchandise if you are able. We hope and pray the end of this crazy era is soon within reach for all of us!!!

Purchasing our merchandise is THE BEST way you can help support us  in our efforts. It's a win win!!!  But we are also accepting donations at this time as suggested by a loyal fan that wants to help out. 

If you can't purchase Chitlins merchandise or donate we certainly understand. You can still support us by hitting up our facebook page, twitter page, instagram page, sharing us in any fashion,  watch our video's , subscribe to our youtube channel, stream a song on Spotify, apple music, iTunes ... add us to a playlist, send a comment. Any interaction counts as the eyes are upon us. 

 Any funds raised will go directly towards the production and manufacturing costs of the new album. All donors will be thanked in the credits when the album is pressed.