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  1. Blind Dog

From the recording KEEPIN IT REAL


Blind dog's old he can't see no more,
can't find his way back in the door,
Lost his family, lost his home,
blind dog's just lookin for a bone,

blind dog's master was a dear friend to me,
taken way to soon, unexpectedly,
nobody knew his days were spent,
blind dog don't now where his daddy went,

yeah blind dog,

blind dog is use to being safe and sound,
now he's got one paw in the grave one in the dog pound,
but he don't worry about things like that,
blind dogs slick, he's a real cool cat,

yeah blind dog.....yeah blind dog,

blind dog's lost he barks out to the pack,
ole bitch dog starts barkin back,
she's got a place he can lay his head,
blind dog's blind, but he ain't dead,

yeah blind dog ....yeah blind dog

bow wow wow wow